Plan Your Future With Convenient Money Circles

Collaboratively lend and save money with a more automated, secure, manageable and convenient money circles.

Secure Money Circles

Save money with group of friends or like-minded individuals and achieve financial success together, with access to micro loans.

Guaranteed Payouts

Users always receive 100% of their payouts, even if other members of the circle are late or miss payments.

Financial Education

Users have access to shared knowledge on financial education and resources to help them better manage their finances.

Trusted & Protected

Users trust our platform and are protected knowing that every user signs a legal contract that binds them to the rules of the circle.

About Us

ROTACASH is a money circle or a rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA), a type of savings club in which a group of individuals agree to meet for a defined period of time to save and borrow money together.

We're a community of individuals who are committed to achieving financial success together. As a member of ROTACASH, you’ll have the opportunity to save money with a group of like-minded individuals, and also have access to loans when you need them.

Participating in a ROTACASH money circle is simple. Each month or week, members contribute a fixed amount of money to the pool. At the end of the cycle, one member is chosen at random to receive the entire pool of money. This means that every member has the opportunity to receive a large sum of money, while also building their savings.

In addition to saving and borrowing money, ROTACASH members also have access to financial education and resources to help them better manage their finances. By working together and sharing knowledge, we can all achieve our financial goals together.

Every member of ROTACASH signs a legal contract that binds every participant to the rules of ROTACASH, so as to protect the entire funding processes and to also curb unnecessary defaulting of contributions by members. To ensure every member gets their exact payout when due, ROTACASH fills up any delayed contribution and charges a default fee from that particular member.


Plan Your Future Ahead

Our Products

Savings & Credit
Group Contribution. Flexible Savings
Join a community of individuals who are committed to achieving financial success through a collaborated group contribution of a fixed amount of money to the circle.
Swift Micro Loans
No Bank Statement. Flexible Repayment
Access to enough microloan needed to help you quickly start your business. Loans are approved through your community Rotan Agent or your Farmchain Finance Coop Account.
ROTAN Agents
Access Huge Earnings. Plus Exclusive Benefits
Being a ROTAN Agent, you can access huge benefits as you grow your mobile banking business with access to Swift Micro Loan Collection & Rotating Savings & Credit Management.

How It Works

Easy & Simple 4 Step Guide to Get Started.


Create Account

To get started with RotaCash, you need to create an account, verify your account (email verification), then you can login to your account and complete KYC and all other required actions and verifications.

Join or Create a Money Circle

We have two types of Money Circle, the Private Money Circle (created by a Rotan Agent on the platform, you need to be invited to join this circle) and Public Money Circle (created by RotaCash Administrator, is open for anyone to join). To create a Private Money Circle, you need to be a Rotan Agent.

Contribute in your Money Circle

Once a Money Circle has been launched, you can always see your scheduled payments and deadlines from the contributions tab. You can click the Pay Now button in front of each deadlines to pay directly from your RotaCash Wallet or Card.

Access Payouts from your Money Circle

Once it is your withdrawal turn date, you can always visit the withdrawal tab on the group page and click the button to withdraw your contribution to your RotaCash Wallet and send it to your preferred bank account.
Social Banking with Friends

Plan your financial goals ahead!

Leverage on your social network through our Social Banking Platform. Simply join an existing social network (Money Circle) or create your own social network and pool financial resources together through the power of your social network to achieve common financial goals.

Exclusive Benefits For ROTAN Agents

Earn up to NGN 200,000 or USD 300 monthly!

Earn more by becoming a ROTAN Agent in your area. Simply start by creating an account, then apply to be a ROTAN Agent from your account. Once your application is approved and your account is verified, you can start earning by assisting ROTANs in your area or locality.

727+ Active Users
N 21,000,000 ($24k) Processed and Disbursed
10 Active Rota Circles

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